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             Newsletter Jan - 2015

Life Members


Dr. S.C. Dubey ,

Ex. Joint Director, HSADL, IVRI, Bhopal 

Founder President, Society for Biosafety. India. House no.29-30, Ishaan Park, Raisen Road,

Bhopal- 462021 Email: scd_11@yahoo.in

Membership No : LM0001/2010

Dr.  D.D. Kulkarni,

Principal Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email :ddkulkar@rediffmail.com

Membership No :  LM0002/2010


Dr.  H. V.Murugkar,

Principal Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : harshadmurugkar@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0003/2010

Dr. Sandeep Bhatia ,

National Fellow,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : bhatia_san@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0004/2010


Dr. Richa Sood  

Senior Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : richa.bhatia0609@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0005/2010

Dr.  N.Mishra

Principal Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : mishranir@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0006/2010


Dr.  Manoj Kumar


National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : mjoshi_43@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0007/2010

Mr. Sushil KumarTripathi ,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : hsadlra2008@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0008/2010


Ms.  Rajlaxmi Jain

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : rajlaxmijain@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0009/2010

Mr. Himanshu Bhatnagar

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : himanshubhat1313@gmail.com 

Membership No : LM0010/2010


Mrs.  Priyanka Patel

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email :preeti.nimit@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0011/2010

Dr. R.Sridevi, Scientist

National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (NIVEDI)

Hebbal, Bengaluru-560024

Email : sriderajang@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0012/2010


Dr. (Mrs.)  Rekha Khandia

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email :rekha.morchhale@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0013/2010

Dr.  Zohra Syed

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email :drzohrasyed@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0014/2010


Dr.(Mrs.) Benu Dhawan

Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology,

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Email : dhawanb@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0015/2010

Dr.  G. Venkatesh

Senior Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : venkyssa@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0016/2010


Mr.  S.P. Behera

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : sp.behera1@gmail.com

Membership No :  LM0017/2010

Dr.(Mrs.)  Kanchan Kumari

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email: drkanchan.vet@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0018/2010


Mr.  A. K. Pateriya


National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : aatulpateriya@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0019/2010

Ms.  Ajita Pillai

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : microbio_ajita@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0020/2010


Er. R.B.Srivastava ,

Civil Engineer

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email: cum2rajesh@yahoomail.com

Membership No : LM0021/2010

Mr. S.  Ashok Khulape

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email: virtualsagar4max@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0022/2010


Dr.  Ashwin. A. Raut

Senior Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : ashwinraut73@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0023/2010

Dr. Anamika Mishra


National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : reach2anamika@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0024/2010


Dr. C.  Tosh

Principal Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : ctosh@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0025/2010

Er. K.K.Gupta

Senior Engineer

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : inkkgupta@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0026/2010


Dr.  Raj Kumar Singh,

Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly (UP)

Email : rks_virology@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0027/2010

Dr. S.S. Patil

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : sandesh3sandy@gmail.com

Membership No :  LM0028/2010


Dr.  D. T. Mourya

Microbial Containment Complex(ICMR)
Sus Road Pashan, Pune

Email :mouryadt@icmr.org.in

Membership No : LM0030/2010

Dr. Sushant  Bhat

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : sushant.shanty@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0031/2010


Dr. Manu Dixit

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : manu.dixit@live.in

Membership No : LM0032/2010

Dr. S.Kalaiyarasu,  


National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : Kalai_82vetmic@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0033/2010


Dr.  D. Senthilkumar,


National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : senvetpath@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0034/2010

Dr. S.Nagarajan  

Senior Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : nagavetbio@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0035/2010


Dr. K.Rajukumar,

Senior Scientist,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : krajukr@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0036/2010

Dr.  Rajesh Kr.Vaid

Senior Scientist, National Research Centre on Equines, Sirsa Road, Hisar

Email : rk_vaid@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0041/2010


Dr. M.Ramakoti Reddy

Senior Scientist,

Project Directorate on Poultry, Hyderabad

Email : rrmaddula@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0043/2010

Dr.  T.R.Kannaki

Scientist, Project Directorate on Poultry, Hyderabad

Email : trkannaki@gmail.com

Membership No :  LM0044/2010


Mr. Padmanava  Behera

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : beherapn@gmail.com

Membership No :  LM0047/2010

Mr.  Sunil Barange,

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email :sunilbarange@yahoo.co.in

Membership No :LM0051/2010


Dr.  M.C.Sharma

Director & Vice Chancellor
Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar

Email: dirivri@ivri.res.in

Membership No : LM0052/2010

Dr.  B. Pattnaik.
Project Director, PD on FMD, IVRI, Mukteswar, Kumaon, Uttaranchal

Email : pattnaikb@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0053/2010


Dr. Ramamurthy Venkataramanan

Joint Director, IVRI,

Hebbal,  Bangalore

Email : venkat1953@gmail.com

Membership No :  LM0054/2010

Dr.  G. Sai kumar

Senior Scientist,

IVRI, Izatnagar

Email : gsk@ivri.res.in

Membership No : LM0055/2010


Dr.  V. A. Srinivasan

Indian Immunology Ltd.
Rakshapuram, Gachibowli Post

Email : vasrini@rediffmail.com

Membership No :  LM0056/2010

Dr.  Prabha Desikan

Consultant Incharge, Dept. of Microbiology,

BMHRC, Bhopal

Email : prabhadesikan@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0057/2010


Dr.U.V.S. Rana ,

Joint Director,

National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD), New Delhi

Email : druvsrana@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0058/2010

Dr. Gaya Prasad

Assistant Director General (Animal Health), ICAR, New Delhi

Email: gaya@hau.ernet.in

Membership No : LM0059/2010


Dr. (Mrs.)  Megha Katare

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : mk_vet@rediffmail.com

Membership No :LM0062/2010

Er. Tapas Kumar  Ghosh

Civil Engineer

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email: ghosh_tkg@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0064/2011


Dr. Harisankar  Singha

Scientist, NRC on Equines,

Sirsa Road, Hisar

Email : hsssankar@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0069/2011

Dr. Praveen  Malik

Principal Scientist, NRC on Equines,

Sirsa Road, Hisar

Email : malikphisar@hotmail.com

Membership No : LM0070/2011


Dr.  Shriram Vijay Bahekar

Indian Immunological Ltd., Rakshapuram, Gachibowli Post, Hyderabad - 500032

Email : dr.vijaybahekar@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0071/2011

Dr. Baldev R. Gulati

Principal Scientist, National Research Centre on Equines, Sirsa Road, Hisar

Email : brgulati@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0075/2011


Dr.  Sadanand Hirpurkar

Associate Professor, Dept. Vet. Microbiology, Veterinary College,

P.O.No. 6, Anjora, Durg


Email : smpuhir@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0080/2011

Dr.  Archana Tiwari

Head School of Biotechnology

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya

Email : archanargpv@gmail.com

Membership No :  LM0083/2011


Dr. V.N. Azger Dusthackeer

Email : azger@trcchennai.in

Membership No :LM0084/2011

Dr.  Vijay Kumar Teotia

AQCS, Kapashera,

New Delhi

Email : vijayteotia@hotmail.com

Membership No :  LM0085/2011


Dr. Manuja Balvinder Kumar

Senior Scientist,

NRC on Equines

Email : bmanuja@lycos.com

Membership No : LM0086/2011

Dr.  Sanjay Shakya

Prof. and Head, Dept. of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology

College of Veterinary Sciences and AH, Anjora, Durg

Email : drskshakya1@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0087/2011


Dr.  B.N.Tripathi

Principal Scientist and Head,

AH Division, CSWRI, Avikanagar

Email : bntripathi1@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0088/2011

Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti  Misri

Animal Science Division, ICAR, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi

Email :jmisri.icar@nic.in

Membership No: LM0089/2011


Dr. S. Ayyappan

Director General (ICAR) & Secretary (DARE), Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi 110 001
Email : dg.icar@nic.in 

Membership No :  LM0090/2011

Dr. K. M. L  Pathak

Deputy Director General (Animal Science),

Division of Animal science, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi

Email : ddgas.icar@nic.in

Membership No : LM0091/2011


Dr. Lal Krishna

Ex. ADG, Animal Health, ICAR

Email : lalkrishna1948@rediffmail.com 

Membership No : LM0092/2011

Dr. M. P. Yadav

Ex-Vice Chancellor I.V.R.I., Izatnagar

Ex-Vice Chancellor SVPUAT, Meerut

H.No. 365, Sector-45

Gurgaon-122 003 Haryana

Email : yadav_mp@hotmail.com

Membership No : LM0093/2011


Dr.  A. S. Nanda

Animal Husbandry Commissioner,

Department of Animal Husbandry,

Dairying & Fisheries, Government of India

Email : asinghnanda@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0094/2011

Dr. Mayurdhvaj K. Jhala

Prof. and Head, Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology,

Veterinary College, Anand, Gujarat - 388001

Email : mkjhala_2003@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0095/2011


Dr.  Varsha Sharma

Department of Vet. Microbiology

College of Vet. Science

Jawahar Lal Nehru Krishi Visvavidlaya

(J.N.K.V.V.), Adhartal, JABALPUR (M.P.)

Email : drvsharma04@yahoo.co.in

Membership No :  LM0096/2011

Dr.  H. K. Pradhan

N-4/263, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubneswar-15, Odisha, India.

Email : hkpradhan45@rediffmail.com

Membership No :  LM0097/2011



Dr. Mehnaz Qureshi

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : drmehnazqureshi@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0098/2012

Dr. Ashwini Kumar Singh

Assistant Director, C.C.S National Institute of Animal Health, Sisana, Baghpat

Email : drash_vet2001@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0099/2012


Dr.  J. M. Kataria

Director, Central Avian Research Institute, ICAR, Bareilly, UP

Email : jmkataria@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0100/2012

Prof. Satchidanandan Vijaya

Room SA07, Microbiology and Cell Biology Dept.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012

Email : vijaya@mcbl.iisc.ernet.in

Membership No : LM0101/2013


Dr. Khagembam Victoria Chanu

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases

Anand Nagar, Bhopal

Email : drvictoriachanu@rediffmail.com

Membership No :LM0102/2013

Dr.  Daljeet Chhabra

Dept. of Veterianry Microbiology, College of Veterinary Science and A.H. Mhow, M.P

Email : daljeetchhabra@rediffmail.com

Membership No :LM0103/2013


Dr. Reddanna Pallu

Director, NIAB,

1-121/1, 4th & 5th Floors, Axis Clinical Building, Miyapur, Hyderabad, AP

Email: director@niab.org.in

Membership No : LM0104/2013

Dr. Pragya Yadav

Scientist C and Assistant Biosafety Officer, BSL-4 lab, NIV, Pashan, Pune

Email : yadavpd@icmr.org.in

Membership No : LM0105/2013


Dr.  Shailesh Pawar


Avian Influenza Group, NIV, 130/1, Sus road, Pashan, Pune

Email: pawarshailesh@hotmail.com

Membership No : LM0106/2013

Dr. Santosh Koratkar

Research Scientist-II, Avian Influenza, NIV, MCC, Pashan, Pune

Email : santosh.koratkar@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0107/2013

Dr.   Jayati Mullick

Scientist-D, Group Leader, Avian Influenza

NIV, MCC, Pashan, Pune

Email :jayati_mullick@hotmail.com 

Membership No: LM0108/2013

Dr. Athira C.K.

Cheruplackal ch West Kodikulam (PO), Thodupuzha , Idukkiulam (Disst.), Kerela ,


Email : dr.athirack@gmail.com 

Membership No :LM0109/2013


Dr. Ashok  Kumar

Head, Division Of (VPH), IVRI, Izatanager , Bareilly-243122

Email: ashokakt@rediffmail.com

Membership No :LM0110/2013

Dr. Subodh Kumar

Microbiology division, Defence R&D Establishment , Jhansi Road , Gwalior -474002

Email : subodhgwl@gmail.com,


Membership No :LM0111/2013


 Dr. Lekshmi S. Rajan

PhD Scholar , Division Of Veterinary Biotechnology , IVRI, Izatanager , Bareilly-243122

Email : lekshmisasirajan@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0112/2013

  Dr. Sachin Kumar

N103 Academic Complex, Dep0artment Of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of  Technology Guwahati -781039 (Assam)

Email : Sachin22vet@gmail.com, sachinku@iitg.ernet.in

Membership No :LM0113/2013


Dr. Huchhegowda K.H.

Kodambhalli Post, Channapatna Taluk Ramanagaram District, Karnataka -571501

Email : hgowdavph@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0114/2013

Dr. K. Thavachelam

Divison Of Microbiology, Defence R&D Establishment , Jhansi Road , Gwalior- 474002

Email : kt_drde@rediffmail.com

Membership No :LM0115/2013


Dr. Manodeep Sen

Assistasnt Professor, Divison Of Microbiology, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of medical Science, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar ,


Email : Sen_manodeep6@yahoo.com

Membership No :LM0116/2014

Dr. Bibhuranjan Das

3R-5/2, B.P. Colony, Unit-8, Bhubabeswar-751012

Email : dr.bibhudas@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0117/2014



Ms. Shweta Shulka

27 APR Colony Phase I, Bilhari, Mandla Road, Jabalpur - 482020

Email : shweta.shukla55@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0118/2014

Dr. Ashok Bhonsle

Hawagiswami Math Chowk , Nicleban Galli, Udgir-413517, Distt. Latur Maharastra.

Email : ashokvbhonsle@hotmail.com

Membership No :LM0119/2014


Dr. Avinash G Karpe

Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences,

Parbhani - 431401

Email : agkarpe@rediffmail.com

Membership No :LM0120/2014

Dr. Anil Taku

Professor & Head vet. Microbiology , SKUAST,  Jammu-181102

Email : aniltaku@hotmail.com

Membership No :LM0121/2014


Dr. Shinaini Sharma

C.C.S. NIAH, Baghpat, U.P.-250609 Deptt. Of Animal Husbandry, Dairying And Fisheries Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. Of India

Email : shingini @gmail.com

Membership No :LM0122/2014

Nidhi Puranik

JNCH & RC, Idgah Hills Bhopal

Email : nidhi.puranik30@gmail.com

Membership No :LM0123/2014


Arun R. Nair

JNCH & RC, Idgah Hills Bhopal

Email : arun.study009@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0124/2014

Dr. Richa Jain

Scientist , Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory , (CSRD), 4th Floor, University Building, People’s University (P.U.) Bhopal-462037

Email : richa198@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0125/2014


Dr. Meera Nair                       

Stem Cell Technology Laboratory , Center for Scientific Research & Devlopment , (CSRD), 4th Floor, University Building, People’s University (P.U.) Bhopal-462037

Email : meera.nair3@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0126/2014

Dr. N. Ganesh

JN Cancer Hopital & Research Center, Bhopal

Email : nganeshresearch@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0127/2014



Dr. Ravi Sukumaran

Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital Bhopal

Email : ravisukumaran11@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0128/2014


Dr. Rupesh Thakur

Center for Scientific Research & Devlopment , People’s University, Bhanpur, Bhopal -462037

Email : rt.csrd@gmail.com, 47rupesh@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0129/2014


Dr. Vikas Galav

Central Animal House , Univ. Collage of Medical Science & GTB Hospital Dilshad Garden, NewDelhi-110095

Email : vikasgalav@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0130/2014

Dr. Alka Galav

ICGEB, Arun Asaf Ali Marg, Nr. JNU New Delhi-110067

Email : dralka.vet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0131/2014


Alibha Rawat

JNCH & RC, Idgah Hills Bhopal

Email : alibhaguru@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0132/2014

Dr. B.N. Singh

RKDF University

Airport Bypass Road , Ghandhi Nagar


Email : drbnsingh@rkdf.ac.in

Membership No : LM0133/2014


Neha Kaushik

E-1 NIHSAD, Anand Nagar Bhopal -462021

Email : nehabrhambhatt @gmail.com

Membership No : LM0134/2014

Dr. Saravanan Subramaniam

Project Directorate on Foot & Mouth Disease , IVRI Campus, Mukhteshwar, Nainital-263138, Uttarakhand

Email : saranvirol@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0135/2014


Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Vety. Microbiology & Immunology College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandary DUVASU, Mathura - 281001

Email : vet.vinodsingh@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0136/2014

Dr. Yogendra Singh

Govt. Vet. Hospital, Tola Muzaffarnagar


Email : yogender_bly@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0137/2014


Dr. Hussain  Kafil

Assistant Professor (SS), Division Of Veterinary Medicine FVSc &AH , SKUAST-J,

RS PURA, Jammu-181102


Membership No : LM0138/2014

Dr. Rajesh Agrawal

Assistant Professor (SS), Division Of Veterinary Medicine FVSc &AH , SKUAST-J, RS PURA, Jammu-181102

Email : rajesh.agrawal76@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0139/2014


Dr. F.C Tuteja

Sr. Scientist , National Research center on camel



Email : tutejafc@scientist.com

Membership No : LM0140/2014

Dr. Pankaj  Kumar

Division of live stock &Fisheries management , ICAR Research Copmlex For Estern Reigion, ICAR Parisar, P.O.B.V. Collage,


Email : pankajvet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0141/2014


Dr. Avneesh Kumar

E-1 NIHSAD, Anand Nagar Bhopal -462021

Email : avi4you@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0142/2014

Mrs. Pooja Dubey Pandey

191-B, Ambikapuri Extension, Aerodrum Road, Indore - 452005

Email : poojadby@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0143/2014


Mr. Manish Wanjari

National Reserach Institute for Ayurveda, Siddha Human Resource Development, Aamkho

Gwalior - 474009

Email : manish.wanjari@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0144/2014

Mr. Vikas Gupta

PhD Scholar, CADRAD, IVRI, Bareilly

Uttar Pradesh - 230202

Email : vet.gvikas@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0145/2014


Mr. Ravi Kumar Tummalacharla

M/s Cleanrooms Containments, Plot 22, Gr. Fl, P&T colony, Bhagyalaxmi Co-operative Society, Trymulghery, Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

Email : ravikumar@ccbs4.com

Membership No : LM0146/2014

Mr. Santosh Koratkar

Sybosis School of Biomedical Sciences (SSBS), Symbiosis knowledge Villege, GAM Lavale, Taluka Mulshi, Dist. Pune, Maharashtra Pin 412115

Email : santosh.koratkar@ssbs.edu.in

Membership No. : LM0147/2014


Dr. Reba Kanungo

Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Kalapet, Puducherry 605014

Email : reba.kanungo@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0148/ 2014

Dr. Shyam Singh

National Reseach Center on camel, P.B. No. -07, Jorbeer, Bikaner - 334001 (Rajasthan)

Email : dshsing04@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0149/ 2014


Dr. Raghvendar Singh

ICAR-National Research Center on Camel Post Box - 07, Bikaner - 334001

Email : raghvendar@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0150/ 2014

Dr. Sarala Menon

Dept. of Microbiogy, Grant Govt Medical College, Mumbai - 400008

Email : drsaralamenon@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0151/ 2014


Dr. Santosh Kumar Venugopalan

Department of Pharmacology School of Pharmacy VELS University, Pallavaram, Chennai - 600117 Tamilnadu

Email : natu_sea@hotmail.com

Membership No : LM0152/2015

Dr. Ramakant

Dept. of Vety. Medicine, Collegte of Vety. Science & AH, Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Faizabad - 224229, U.P.

Email : ramakant.dr2@gmail.com


Membership No : LM0153/2015


Manish Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Department of Biotechnology Guwahati, Assam 781039

Email : manishvet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0154/2015

Dr. Brunda Ganneru

Genome Valley, Turkapally, Shamirpet, Hyderabad - 5000078

Email : brindaganneru@gmail.com


Membership No : LM0155/2015


Amit Kumar Mishra

H-477, East Block, Adharshila, Awadhpuri, Bhopal - 462022

Email : btech_amit@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM01562015

Bharati Singh

36- A Sachchidanand Nagar, Piplani, Bhopal 462021

Email : bhartis028@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0157/2015


Vikas Kumar

Immunology Section, I.V.R.I. Izatnagar, U.P. 243122

Email : vikas4vet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0158//2015

Dr. Dashprakash Moorthy

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Anand Nagar, Bhopal - 462021 (M.P.)

Email : dr.dassprakash@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0159/2015


Praveen Avirapu

9-5-13, Elwinpeta, Gandhinagar, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, 533004

Email : prvnkumar033@gmail.com

Membership No : LM01602015

Deepali Shrivastava

G-3/416 Gulmohar Colony, Bhopal 462039

Email : deepali.2827@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0161/2015


Anubha Prashant Pathak

DK-2/506 Danish Kunj, Kolar Road, Bhopal M.P. 462042

Email : anukuhu25@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0162/2015

Sandeep Kumar Dash

Ishwarpur, Matha Colony, Kendrapara 754211, Odisha

Email : sandeepkumar.dash@gmail.com

Membership No : LM01632015


Prashant Kumar Dubey

H.NO.-04, Charmurti Bhavan, Daud Ahmad Gali No. - 02, Fatehgarh, Bhopal (M.P.), Pin-462001

Email : prashant.dubey38@gmail.com

Membership No : LM01642015

Shailesh Kumar

H.NO. - 3616, Raksha Nagar Colony, Bada Patthar Ranjhi, Jabalpur, M.P.

Email : shaileshpatel624@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0165/2015


Pranava Shankar Mishra

B-27, Sagar Royal Homes Hoshangabad Road, Behind Aashima Mall, Bhopal (M.P.) 462026

Email : pranav.biotechno@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0166/2015

Dr. Vikas Surykant Waskar

Dept. of Veterinary Publich Health College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Udgir, Dist. Latur 413517 (MS)

Email : vikaswaskar@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0168/2015


Aneesh Thakur

Department of Veterinary Microbiology DGCN Covas, CSKHPKV, Palampur - 176062, H.P.

Email : aneesh.thakur@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0169/2015

Minakshi Prasad

Department of Animal Biotechnology, COVS, Luvas, Hisar, 125004 Haryana

Email : minakshi.abt@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0170/2015


Reetika Pathak

Shivchowk Pandapura Ganjbasoda, Dist. Vidisha 464221, M.P.

Email : reetikapathak1@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0171/2015

Abin Mani

CSRD, People's University Bhanpur, Bhopal

Email : abinmani@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0172/2015


Karthik K

Division of Bacteriology & Mycology, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly - 243122

Email : karthik_2bvsc@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0173/2015

Ravi Shankar Mishra

Dept. of Research, JNCH & RC, Idgah Hills, Bhopal - 462001

Email : ravimishra_2007@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0174/2015


Indu Thakur

Jawaharlal Nehru Career Hospatil and Research Centre Idgah Hills, Bhopal - 462001

Email : indu123_thakur@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0175/2015

Dr. N.K. Mahajan

Prof & Head, Dept. of VPHE, LUVAS, Hisar - 125004


Membership No : LM0176/2015


Dr. Aman Kumar

Department of Animal Biotechnology, LUVAS, Hisar - 125004

Email : ak.hau.abt@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0177/2015

Dr. Gagandeep Bangar

H.NO. - 44, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar Hoshiarpur Road, Phagwara 144401

Email : gagan86bangar@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0178/2015


Dr. Pranay Kumar

S/o, Dr. Umashankar Prasad Srivastava, Near Bhusan Press, Chhoti Kelawari, Dist. Munger- 811201

Email : drpranaykumar@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0179/2015

Jyoti Lakshmi Hati Boruah

Vill = Chewni Gaon, P.O. Borbheta, Jornat - 785004, Assam

Email : jyotilakshmihb@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0180/2015


Suman Saini

Room No. - 12, Guest House, CIRG Makhdoom, Mathura Pin - 281122

Email : suman.vet86@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0181/2015

Subas Chandra Jena

Bioarrays & Biosensor Lab, IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilly, U.P. - 243122

Email : drsubasvet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0182/2015


Amit Ranjan Sahu

Computational Biology & Geromics Facility, Division of Vety. Biotech, IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilly, U.P. - 243122

Email : dramitr.sahu@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0183/2015

Arpita Padhy

C/o Prafulla Chandra Padhy (Teacher) Jyoti Nagar - 4th Lane, Berhampur, Dist. Ganjam, Odisha - 760001

Email : dearlita123@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0184/2015


Sasmita Barik

C/o - Dr. Meena Cataria, Division of Animal Biochemistry , IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilley U.P. 243122

Email : sasmitavet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0185/2015

Sunil Kumar Dixit

AT- Immunology Section, IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilly, State- U.P., Pin - 243122

Email : sunildixit1987@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0186/2015


Wiqar Ahmed Khan

62, Jenahess Colony Jafar Nagar, Nagpur -13

Email : waqar_khan73@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0187/2015

Shilpshri Shinde

Flat No. 202, Devki Vrundavan Apartment, Vrundavan Colony, Katol Road, Nagpur - 13

Email : shilpi_shri5@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0188/2015


Sandeep Chaudhri

263, Lokseva Nagar, B/H Mokhare College Nagpur - 440022

Email : vph_sandeep@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0189/2015

Naheed Perveen Sheikh

Institute of Animal Health & Vety. Biologicals Rasalpura Mhow (M.P.)

Email : tabishahmed123.ta@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0190/2015


Arunkumar Patel

Dept. of Vet. Microbiology, Veterinary College S.D.A.U. S.K. Nagar, Dantiwada, Gujrat

Email : viroarun@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0191/2015

Harshad C. Chauhan

Department of Animal Biotechnology Veterinary College S.D.A.U. Dhantiwada, Gujrat

Email : hcchauhan1972@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0192/2015


Basavaraj Mathapati

Dept. of Vet. Microbiology, College of Vet. Sci. & AH JAU, Junagadh, Gujrat 362001

Email : basavaraj.mathapati@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0193/2015

Ravindra Zende

Dept. of Vet. Public Health, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai - 400012

Email : ravindrazende@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0194/2015


Shiva Agnihotri

Flat No. - 4/8, Amaltas Complex, Shahpura, Bhopal -462016

Email : shiva.agnihotri@gmail.com

Membership No : LM01952015

Shashi Bhushan Sudhakar

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases


Email : sudha.vet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0196/2015


Pradeep Gandhadle

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases


Email : pradeepviral@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0197/2015

Jajati Keshari Mohapatra

Project Directorate on FMD, IVRI Campus Mukteswar, Nainital, Uttarakhand - 263138

Email : jajati1@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0198/2015


Nidhi Shrivastava

College of Vety. Science & AH, Mhow (Indore) M.P. - 453446

Email : nidhisj@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0199/2015

Suchitra Kumari Mishra

B-27, Sagar Royal Homes, Hoshangabad Road Behind Aashima Mall, Bhopal (M.P.) - 462026

Email : suchitra85biotech@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0200/2015


Vijay Kumar Anumolu

Dept. of Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology College of Veterinary Science, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad - 500030

Email : vphanumolu@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0201/2015

Rajiv Kumar

Scientist, Animal Biotechnology Section, ICAR-Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar, malpura, Jaipur, Tonk, Rajasthan - 304501

Email : rajivbiotech028@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0202/2015


Neha Tomar

Department of Zoology, Kumaun University, SSJ Campus, Almora, Uttarakhand, 263601

Email : nehatomar.biotech@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0203/2015

Trilok thomas

G-96/93, Tulsi Nagar, 1250 Qtrs. Bhopal (M.P.) - 462003

Email : thomas.trilok@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0204/2015


Ankit Mohta

A-113, Aishbagh Colony, Bhopal - 462021

Email : ankitmohta@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0205/2015

Vendoti Deepesh Reddy

803-B Wing Cosmic Heights, Bhakti Park, Wadala, Mumbai

Email : contact.hsolutions@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0206/2015


r. Sandeep Kumar Singh

Ministry of Agriculture

Department of Animal Husbandary Dairying and Fisheries, CCS National Institute of Animal Health

BAGHPAT (U.P.) - 250609

Email : drsandeep77@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0207/2015

Dr. Mohd. Reyaz

CCS National Institute of Animal Health

BAGHPAT (U.P.) - 250609

Email : drmohdreyaz@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0208/2015


Dr. Sweta Raghuvanshi

CCS National Institute of Animal Health Department

of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries,

Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, Baghpat,

U.P. - 250609

Email : docraghuvanshi@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0209/2015

Dr. Naveen Kumar

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Hathai Kheda Dam Road, Anand Nagar, Bhopal

M.P. - 462021

Email : navyog.yadav84@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0210/2015


Dr. Siddharth Gautam

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Hathai Kheda Dam Road, Anand Nagar, Bhopal

M.P. - 462021

Email : gautam.javelin48.5@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0211/2015

Dr. Rahul Diliprao Surayawanshi

'Savali', Plot No. 67, Wankhedkar Nagar,

Near Om Building, Gondur Road, Valvadi,

Dhule - 424002 (MS)

Email : rahulvph@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0212/2015


Dr. Anagha Kinikar

C/O Vaidya Guruji, Yashwantnagar, Loni (Khurd)

Ta: Rahata Dist: Ahmednagar 413713

Email : anagha.kinikar@gmail.com


Membership No : LM0213/2015

Dr. Aman Kamboj

Vill. and P.O. Jogipura, Tehsil-Bazpur, Distt. Udham Singh Nagar, (Uttarakhand) - 262401

Email : aman.kamboj.biotech@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0214/2015


Dr. Bhagwan Singh

305, Royal Bunglows A.B. Road, RAU, Indore (M.P.)

Email : karada305@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0215/2015

Dr. Ajay Yadav

130A/3D/6 Teliyergunj Allahabad Uttar Pradesh 211004

Email : dr.ajayyadav@hotmail.com

Membership No : LM0216/2015



Jaishree Garhyan

902, Emeraled Green,Flat GH-08 Sector-39,Gurgaon, 122003

Email : jgarhyan@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0217/2015

Dr. Blessa Sailo

ICAR-RC NEHR, Manipur Eest 795004

Email : drblessavet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0218/2015



Dr. Joy Lalmuanpuia Kataria

D-30,Gilgal collage Basic Meal Rauhleen North,Aizawell,Mizoram-796012

Email : jluvjkat@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0219/2015

Dr. Kekungu ii Puro

Animal Healrh Division ICAR-RC For NEIT Region Umian-793103

Email : akulepuro@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0220/2015



Dr Arup Nath

Division of Fisheries, ICAR-Research Complex for NEH Region,Umiam Meghalaya-793103

Email : arup7781@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0221/2015

Dr. Swaraj Rajkhowa

ICAR-NRC, On PIG, Rane, Guwahati

Email : swaraj.rajkhowa@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0222/2015



Dr. Narayana H.Mohan,

ICAR-NRC on pig, Rani(Near Airport),Guwahti Assam-781131

Email :mohan.icar@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0223/2015

Dr. Annie B.Khyriem,

Department of Microbiology,Neigrihms Mowdangdiamg Shillong-793018

Email :anniebk@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0224/2015



Dr. Clarissa Lyngdoh,

Dept. of Microbiology,Neigrihms,Mawdairgdrang Shillong-793018

Email : clarissa.jane@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0225/2015

Dr. Valarie W. Lyndgoh,

Department of Microbiology,Neigrihms Mowdangdiamg Shillong-793018

Email : drval@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0226/2015



Dr. Moirangthem Prabha Devi,

Soil Science,NRM Division,ICAR-RC for Region,Umiam,Meghalaya-793103

Email : prabsmoirang@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0227/2015

Tushar Kumar Dey,

P.K. Dey, ICAR Research Compelx for NEHR Div.of ANimal Health SHillong-793103

Email :tusharkrde@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0228/2015



Dr. Barnali Nath,

NL-103, N-Block, Bsbe,IIT Guwahati,

Amirgaon Guwahati Assam-781039

Email : barnalinath2014@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0229/2015

Dr. Rajkumari Mandakini Devi,

A.H. CAU Selesic,Aizawl Migoram -796014

Email :mandaraaj@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0230/2015



Dr. Chongtham Sonia,

ICAR-Manipur Centre,Imphal,


Email : drsonia.vet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0231/2015

Sukumlo Yanthan,

H.No.-111,Post Box No.-92,Vungoju Colony Wokha-797111,Nagaland

Email : yanthan.sukumlo@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0232/2015



Dr. Esther Vise,

H.No.-323 Dimaner Naga United Village,4th Mile Razho 'D' Khel,Nagaland-797112

Email :

Membership No : LM0233/2015

Pritom Chowhaury,,

Mancutta Kharia goole,Milan Nagar


Email : pritomc@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0234/2015



Trishna Bora,

Regional Medical Research Center N.E Region

(ICMR),Post Box-105,Dist.Dbrigah,Assam-766001

Email : trishnabora88@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0235/2015

Dr. Rakesh Kumar,

Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering IIT


Email : rakesh.2013@iitg.ernet.in

Membership No : LM0236/2015



Dr. Moushumee Das,

NL-103,Viral Immunology Lab N-Block,

Dept of Biosciences & Bioengineering,


Email : moushumee88@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0237/2015

Dr. Tapti Sengupta,,

Department of Microbiology,Best Bengal State,

University,Barasat,Kolkata - 700085

Email : tapti.sg@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0238/2015



Dr. Anuj Ahuja,

51, Kohara Peer, Chowk Thali Walan

Bareilly 9U.P.) - 243003

Email : anuj.biochem@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0239/2015

Dr. Rajkumari Sajukta,

Division of ANimal Health ICAR-RC, NEH,

Unian Meghalaya - 793103

Email : rajkumari.sanjukta@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0240/2015



Dr. Aranb Sen ,

ICAR-RC for NEH Barapari Meghalaya-793103

Email :arnabsen123@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0241/2015

Dr. Ingudam Shakuntala,

ICAR Research Compex for NEH Region Umian, Meghalaya-793103

Email :ishakuntala92@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0242/2015



Dr. Ramgopal Laha,

Division of ANimal Health, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region,Umian,Meghalaya-793103

Email : rglaha@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0243/2015

Dr. sandeep Ghatak,

Div. of Animal Health ICAR-RC for NEH Region Umian Meghalaya-793103

Email : ghataksnd@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0244/2015



Dr. Samir Das,

Division of Animal Health ICAR-RC-NEH Umian Meghalaya-793103

Email : drsamirvph@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0245/2015

Dr. Meena Das,

Divison of ANimal Health ICAR-Research Complex  NEH Region Umian Mehalaya-793103

Email : meenad3@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0246/2015



Pushpendra Singh,

Gonde Wali Sadak Prahalad Das Ki Bagiya Lashkar,Gwalior (M.P.)-474001

Email : pushpendrabiotek@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0247/2015

Dr. Rahul Shrivastava,

Department of Biological Science & engineering MANIT Bhopal -462003

Email : shrivastavarm1972@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0248/2015



Namrita Halder,

149 KCC sarani Nazral Park

Bhadreswar Hoogiy-712124

Email : namrita92@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0249/2015

Dr. V.P Singh Director,

ICAR-NIHSAD, Anand Nagar

Bhopal (M.P.) 462022

Email : director.nihsad@icar.gov.in

Membership No : LM0250/2015



Dr. Rajni Garg,

Room No. 102, School of Biotechnology JNU,

New  Delhi-110067

Email : rajni.garg14@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0251/2015

Dr. Parul Kulshreshtha,

B-75/A, New Gupta Colony,

Near Rana Pratap Bagh Delhi-110009

Email : parulkuls26@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0252/2015



Dr.Theodare John ,

EBEN VIlLA :Venchavode Sreekariyam P.O. TVPM,


Email : theoeben@yahoo.co

Membership No : LM0253/2016

Dr. Peralam Yegnesharan Prakash,

Dept of Microbiology Mycology of Laboratory, Kasturba Medical College,Manipal University


Email : prakashpy123@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0254/2016



Dr. Prayag Hodigere Siddalingappa ,

Dept of AGB Veterinary,College


Email : prayaghs@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0255/2016

Dr. Rani Diana Sahni,

Dept of Clirical Microbiology, Claristcam Medical College,

Veuore Tamilnadu-632004

Email : rdsahni@hotmail.com

Membership No : LM0256/2016



Dr. Vilas Vaidya ,

Dept of Veterinary,Public Health,Veterinary College

Parel Bombay-12

Email : vilasmvaidya@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0257/2016

Piyush Kumar Singh,

S/O Dr.S.K.Singh,CIRG,Farah,Mathura,


Email : rahul.piyush@hotmail.com

Membership No : LM0258/2016



Dr. Vaibhav Sanap ,

Sanap Niwas Sushil Nagar, Near Rajapeth Amrevali


Email : vnsanap@iitk.ac.in

Membership No : LM0259/2016

Dr. Neha Sahu,

Ashok Nagar Near, Rani Talaw Rewa

Madhya Pradesh-486001

Email : nehasahu91@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0260/2016


Dr. Ambuj,

Division of Virology, Defence R&D Establishment Jhansi Road, Gwalior

Madhya Pradesh-474002

Email : ambujshrivastava@hotmail.com

Membership No : LM0261/2016

Dr. Suresh Samadhan Ghoke,

Dept. of Veterinary, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Covas Udgir -413517 Dist. Latur, Maharashtra

Email : sureshghokhe2577@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0262/2016


Dr. Mostaque Ahmed Laskar,

Biotechnology Dept. St. Anthony's Collage, Shillong


Email : laskar41@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0263/2016

Dr. Pankaj Deka,

Dept. of Microbiology, Collage of Veterinary Science, Khanapara, Guwahati


Email : drpankajaau@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0264/2016


Dr. Robindro C.Singh Wahengbam,

Lairenjam Awang Laikai, Mekela, lmphal West


Email : robindro.dbtskwc@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0265/2016

Dr. Irfan,

Dept. of Respiratory Medicine, Yenepoya Medical Collage Hospital, Yenepoya University, Deralakatte,


Email : irfankm18@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0266/2016


Dr. Keduzol Ltu,

Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Veterinary Hospital, Kohima


Email : kedultu@yahoo.co.in

Membership No : LM0267/2016

Dr. Asorphijanai Iangri,

Dept. of Zoology, Synod Collage, Shillong


Email : asorphi@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0268/2016


Dr. Jannejay Parahi

Collage of Fisheries, CAV (Imphal), Lembucherra


Email : jjparahi@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0269/2016

Dr. Mahananda Chutia,

Pathology & Microbiology Division Central Muga Eri Research & Training Institute, Lahdoigarh, Jorhat


Email : mahananda@yahoo.co.uk

Membership No : LM0270/2016


Dr. Chitta Ranjan

Dept. of Bolany, Nagaland University, Lumami


Email : debchitta@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0271/2016

Dr. Gaurav Kumar,

F-108, Mohan Nagar, Hindaun City, Karauli,


Email : gau_ravkr@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0272/2016


Dr. Santhosha Devadiga,

Manipal Centre for Virus Research, Manipal University, Madhav Nagar,


Email : santhoshbailur123@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0273/2016

Dr. Arun Kumar,

Manipal Centre for Virus Research, Manipal University,


Email : arunviro@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0274/2016


Dr. Senthil Kumar Nachimuthu,

Dept. of Biotechnology, Mizoram University, Aizwal


Email : nskmzv@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0275/2016

Dr. Anand Singh Konjengbam,

Moirang Collage, P.O.


Email : anandkonjengbam1958@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0276/2016


Dr. Rahul Narang,

Dept. of Microbiology, MGIMS Sevagram, Distt Wardha,


Email :

Membership No : LM0277/2017

Dr. Santhalembi Chingtham,

Haobam Marak Irom Lenkai, Imphal West


Email : santhalembi@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0278/2017


Dr. S.Kombiah,

147, South Street, Chockanachial, Puram (PO) Sankaran Kovil (TK), Terunel Veli (DT)


Email : kombiahmaruthu@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0279/2017

Dr. Shiv Varan Singh,

Room No. 111, Hostel No. 04, IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilley


Email : shivvaransingh1@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0280/2017


Dr. Dhruv Desai,

Sai Kunj, H.No. 06, Santkrupa Society, Near Dhraminnagar, Grid Road Kabilpore, Navsari,


Email : dhruvdesai24@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0281/2017

Dr. Ajay Vir Singh,

National JALMA Institute for Leproy & other Mycobacterial Diseases, Tanganj, Agra


Email : avsjalma@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0282/2017


Dr. Neelkamal Kosariya,

H.No. 24/117, Lodhipara Chowk, Shankar Nagar Road Tarun Nagar, Pandari, Raipur,


Email : dr.neelkamalkosariya@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0283/2017

Dr. Sagi Surya Bhaskar Ramaraju,

Central Military Veterinary Laboratory (CMVL) Sardhana Road, Meerut Cantt, Meerut


Email : raju.ssbr@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0284/2018


Dr. Juwar Doley,

ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak, Dirang, West Kameng,

Arunachal Pradesh-790101

Email : juwarvet_dol@yahoo.co.uk

Membership No : LM0285/2018

Dr. Subhash Janardhan Bhore,

Dept. of Biotechnology Faculty of Applied Sciences AIMST University, Bedong-Semeling Road


Email : subhashbhore@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0286/2018


Dr. Kishan Kumar Sharma,

Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology, Collage of Veterinary SC. & A.H., SDAV, Dantiwara,


Email : kishan12sharma@rediffmail.com

Membership No : LM0287/2018

Dr. Irshadullah Khan Kalyavi,

Dept. of Veterinary, Microbiology Collage of Vet. Sci. & A.H. Navsari Agricultural University (NAU), Navsari,


Email : ihkvet@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0288/2018


Dr. Dharmesh Kumar Ramesh Bhai Patel,

Dept. of Veterinary, Microbiology Vanbandhu Collage of Veterinary Sci. & A.H. Navsari Agricultural University (NAU), Navsari


Email : vetdharmesh74@yahoo.com

Membership No : LM0289/2018

Dr. Pushpaben Ramesh Bhai Makwana,

Vanbandhu Veterinary Collage, Navsari Agricultural University (NAU), Navsari


Email : drpushpa17@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0290/2018


Dr. Ram Kumar Nema,

Regional Virology Laboratory, AIIMS,


Email : ramkumarnema@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0291/2018

Dr. Sivasankar Panickan,

3/3 Kambar st, Erumapatti Namakkal Dt,


Email : sankarsiva905@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0292/2018


Dr. Anita Shete-Aich,

Maximum Containment Laboratory ICAR-NIV, Pune


Email : anitaaich2008@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0293/2019

Dr. Rima Rakeshkumar Sahay,

BSL-4 Facility(Maximum Containment Laboratory), ICMR-National Institute of Virology, 130/1, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune


Email : dr.rima.sahay@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0294/2019


Dr. Rajeev Ranjan,

ICAR-International Centre for Foot and Mouth Disease, Arugul, Bhubaneswar


Email : drrajraj@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0295/2019

Dr. Shilpa Tomar,

Epidemiology Group, ICMR-National Institute of Viriology (NIV),MCG 130/1, Sus Road, Pasnan


Email : drshilpatomar.niv@gmail.com

Membership No : LM0296/2019


Dr. Suresh Devatkal,

ICAR-NRC Meat. Hyderabad, Chengicherla, Boduppal


Email : suresh.devatkal@icar.gov.in

Membership No : LM0297/2019



Corporate Members

e-Planet Infosystem

B-12, Padmanabh Nagar, Raisen Road,


Email : support@e-planetinfosystem.com

Membership No : 06/11/2010


Integrated cleanroom Technologies Ltd.

# 207-208, Varuna Block, Sree Vensai Towers, Kompally, NH-7, yderabad, 500055

Email : anuradha@icleantech.com

Membership No : 26/05/2011


M/s Kilpest India Ltd.

7-C, Govindpura, Industrial Area,


Email : kilpest@bsnl.in

Membership No : 14/07/2011


M/s Genaxy Scientific Pvt. Ltd.

155-156, C-Block, Community Centre, Plot 32 to 57, Behind Janak Cinema, Janak Puri,

New Delhi - 110058

Email : genaxy@vsnl.net

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